Changing Office Interior Design in Pandemic Conditions

  • Füsun Seçer Kariptaş Haliç Üniversitesi
  • Fatih Kariptaş
Keywords: Pandemic condition, open office, technology, personal space, social distance, furniture systems.


The increase in open office environments in recent years, the need for a space to ensure privacy and concentration has become inevitable for employees. Although open offices provide significant advantages in terms of employee collaboration, being too intertwined is a disadvantage in business efficiency. Lack of suitable working environment in such offices creates negative effects on employees. Especially with the emergence of social distance rules after the C-19 we are in, the necessity of finding other solutions for the offices planned in this way has arisen. While the lack of personal privacy affects the employee psychologically, which causes the productivity of employees to decrease even more in busy and stressful office environments, the epidemic environment has also been added to such problems. When the unfavorable conditions in office environments are examined in terms of human psychology, they cause unrest, dissatisfaction in working life, harm to the physical and mental health of the person and cause them to be negatively affected. For this reason, it is necessary to create single, double and triple spaces that are open to personal use and create psychological distinctions in order to prevent epidemics and increase motivation in open offices. However, today, when the lines are more uncertain in terms of work-life balance, healthy and efficient working in offices has almost become a necessity to create personal spaces. New solutions are needed for social distance, noise and people being in a shared environment of open offices. In today's workplaces, the necessity to prevent work environments that may affect people negatively and to arrange office spaces that will prevent people from falling short in the face of rapidly developing technology and constantly renewed as working systems has become an important element for the employee and the employer. In this study, solutions that can be used to create personal spaces in open offices especially after pandemic will be mentioned. Technological equipment, ventilation and furniture applications will be explained in order to create a suitable environment. Spaces that meet the demands of employees will be presented with visuals and drawings, with practical, economical and functional applications to be made in dividers and furniture systems such as working units that provide social distance, sleep capsules, multiple / personal meeting rooms, standing meeting solutions.