Online Workshops and Interior Architecture Education: An Evaluation of Le Design De PA PA Pandemic Paradoxes Workshop

  • Özge Mercan Near East University
  • Çağla Beyaz Bolat
Keywords: online, workshop, interior architecture, education, pandemic


Reinforcement of knowledge in interior architecture education is a phenomenon that should be constantly criticized by the trainer both in theory and in practice. Different from the formal education system, various teaching methods are used in workshops which require many communication tools and materials. Within the scope of the study, it was aimed to reveal the advantages and disadvantages both in terms of educators and students by observing face to face and online workshops. In this study, it is aimed to reveal the findings by evaluating the face to face workshops and the online Le Design De PA PA-Pandemik Paradoxes Workshop from the perspective of educators and students. According to the information obtained as a result of the study, it has been revealed that the pandemic period did not give as effective result as the face to face ones. In the face to face workshops, it has been observed that the communication of the students and educators has been more effective.